WHO WE ARE:  Our charity, "One Chef at a Time," is life-changing.  We are building a Chef Training Centre to educate young, disenfranchised and at-risk people.  Our team of chefs is dedicated to providing high-quality culinary training, as well as a bridge to excellent employment.


Changing lives

Our Beginning

Our small project has helped 7 at-risk young adults transform their lives through our training program. Many young people have had little or no formal education.  Some don't even have shoes.  Their futures are often hopeless.  However, with One Chef at a Time, they can have an excellent future, with outstanding training that leading to a rewarding career that will allow them to earn a stable income and support their families.

Our chefs will provide training courses in our professional kitchens, teaching up-to-date methods and providing links, as well as the support to find employment.  Our goal is to see our graduates work in the best restaurants and hotels all over the world!

Our chefs have so many reasons to be proud.

Get Involved

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“We know how to make a difference… so why wouldn’t we keep going?”

— Brian Pern, FOUNDER


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a bridge for basic and advanced culinary training for marginalized people who have little or no hope in their current situation and provide them with a long term future and access to long term employment.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide quality culinary training for 400 unskilled youths, over the next 10 years— bridging the gap that leads to sustainable employment and advancement in the hospitality industry, both in Thailand and beyond.

Our students come from unimaginable poverty and adverse conditions, through no fault of their own. Some have escaped abusive families, others have escaped war torn areas, some simply have no family to take care of them.